En Vrac, User’s Guide


Mode d’emploi

It’s as simple as 1,2,3!

1/ I bring my own container (cubitainer, bottle, etc.) which I fill up from the tank with the wine of my choice. OR I get a cool En Vrac bottle (designed after the traditional French “limonade” bottle) or cubitainer for a low deposit of 2 to 5 euros each depending on the size.

2/ I collect my deposit when I bring back my empty container. And I start again!

Retail liquor

Les cuves

Mode d’emploi

The spirits of En Vrac

Twenty pretty glass carboys enthroned on the shelves. They are filled with Williams Pear, Raspberry wild, Vodka, Agricultural Rum … All spirits are from renowned artisan distilleries: Maison Binner, Cazottes, Hepp, Giffard… Also in the spirit of the bulk glass bottles of various capacities are available as a set.

You can have liquor in containers of 4cl, 10cl, 20cl, 35cl, 50cl et 1L

Our cellars

Our cellars

En vrac, it’s two addresses in Paris of wines and spirits retail. An unusual concept that combines quality products with responsible consumption. Side grocery store, the shelves are lined with craft which finds sardines of Tricana, the famous conserverie de Lisbonne, le café Lomi, the bears la Goutte d’or.

To contact us >> contact@vinenvrac.fr, or contact form.

En vrac, 2 rue de l'OliveEN VRAC, 2 rue de l’Olive 75018 Paris
Wine bar, brunch (sunday) & retail liquor

Open from monday to sunday, 10 AM to 0 AM.

PHONE : 01 53 26 03 94

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La REcyclerie
En Vrac, it’s also the REcyclerie, 83 boulevard d’Ornano 75018 Paris

Make your own wine

Guided by a professional, you enjoy single-varietal wines listening to the stories of the soils and the winemakers. Since the tanks, you measure out and fill your samples with the wine of your choice.
You realize the assembly according to your own tastes, focus on a very personal thought, and leave with your personalized bottle.

This workshop addresses the wine with simplicity, in a binder and relaxed atmosphere. It is punctuated with a selection of cheeses and meats, handpicked. It take place twice a month, rue de l’Olive, 75018 Paris. Its price is 49€.

For a tailored workshop in the location of your convenience, contact us for a quote.

BFM Business took part in our worshop

S'inscrire en ligne

Give a voucher for a wine worshop

You can also buy online good to offer to the person of your choice, which will allow them to register for free at a workshop on the date that suits him!

Acheter un bon cadeau
  Bon Cadeau En Vrac




Rent a tank

“En Vrac” rents wine tanks and creates a space dedicated to wine in the heart of your private or professional event. One or several stainless-steel-tanks are available to your guests in self-service. En Vrac can also provide you with a professional server. In addition to the economic and ecologic aspect that the purchase of wine in large quantities represents, this neat space gives a fresh and friendly color to your reception.

Etude et conception d’une offre sur mesure :

– Rent tanks (max50 l. by tank)
– Rent empty bottles
– Delivery, installation, recovery tanks

To contact us or book >> 01 42 85 41 17, contact@vinenvrac.fr, or contact form.

The story of “En Vrac”

The roots of En Vrac

Cellar for twenty years, Thierry Poincin never forget those moments when, in France 60 years bathed in sunlight, he went for bulk wine with his father. Years later, by chance during a walk, he discovers the Chapel market, released its renovation. At that moment, he knows he will relaunch the wine in bulk of his childhood. The shop opened in spring 2011 in the heart of Chapel Market. In November 2012, the shop is a short hop and takes up residence at 2 rue olive 18th. In 2014, En Vrac expands and opens a second cellar at 69 rue de Maubeuge in the 10th. Early last 2015 48 rue Notre Dame de Lorette in the 9th.

Thierry Poincin, The passion of good and true.

Thierry Poincin likes sincere wines. He knows unearth and reveal forgotten places. In 2000 he contributed to the revival of the Enfants Rouges market in the third arrondissement, opening a wine cellar and The tavern. In 2012, he became enamored of Chapel Market area and has opened the first bulk wine cellar in France.

The rebirth of bulk wine

En vrac woke up a sleepy practice, the wine served at the printer. Here, fill the bottle from one of the elegant stainless steel tanks laid on oak trunks. The wines, sounding organic or natural, are handpicked. Bulk toured France in search of the best natural wines, vinified as close to nature without chemicals. The range changes according to seasons and heart strokes.


What’s new

LABOMBEAEAU & AZUL / 14 februar 7PM – 11PM

In partnership with Limon AZUL, #LABOMBEAEAU revisits the cellar of En Vrac 48 rue Notre Dame de Lorette 75009 and transforms it into temporary restaurant. So, if like us you love cooking mitonée based crunchy vegetables, raw fish accompanied by subtle broth, register, places are limited!

1 card / 3 functions

Give a gift card or pay for purchases with its digital wallet (or with physical map), is now possible. En Vrac designed for you, not only the multifunction card, but also its free application download in the App Store by typing:
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